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Coronavirus and Government Overreactions Now Waning Throughout the World

May 22, 2020 - Final Update

    Six weeks after undertaking a daily exercise of highlighting the promising coronavirus news that mainstream media outlets deliberately bury under screaming "deaths soar" headlines (or don't report at all), the author has decided to end the blog. The reason is that, despite the continuing, fervent goal of those media and certain interest groups to sow panic, it's become increasingly difficult for them to do so. Vast numbers of people have now come to realize that there's an agenda behind the fearmongering that has nothing to do with promotion of public health, and that much of what they're being told to believe and do has no basis in fact or "science".

    The death rate is now on the downward slope everywhere in the world, except for areas where the flu hit later. The pattern has been the same in all places: six to eight weeks of spread, followed by decline - the same pattern as that of the annual flu. While the majority of governments wildly overreacted to the medical threat posed by this particular virus - unquestioningly accepting the ruinous advice of so called "experts” (which the whole world now knows was based upon outrageously-flawed "computer models”) - some did not. Sweden's government, in particular, never imposed "lockdowns" or ordered any businesses to close, yet its coronavirus pattern was the same. 

    As panic began to subside in the face of undeniable evidence of the virus' decline, the failed "experts" came out with a new dire prediction: that overwhelming “second waves" will occur in areas that return to normal "too soon". Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for the rest of the world, those predictions have not come to pass, either. Voices of reason are now increasingly being heard over the doomsday pronouncements that continue to be made by hysterical government "leaders” who refuse to acknowledge that the “scientific” justification for “lockdowns” no longer exists. Citizens who accepted the argument that they had to stop everything and remain in their homes for two weeks did so, for far longer than two weeks, and are now revolting against "lockdown zealots" who insist upon keeping restrictions in place for citizens' own alleged "safety"; not for the previously-stated goal of "flattening the curve". 

    The SARS virus was equally-feared, but was handled without any doomsday proclamations or unconstitutional "lockdown orders", and it ultimately disappeared from the planet without any vaccine having been developed. There is every reason to believe this one will do so as well, but whether or not it does, our hope is that rationality will quickly return to, or be forced upon, unhinged “leaders” who refuse to lift the lockdowns when there is no longer any threat of overwhelming health care systems. Citizens have the fundamental right to make their own personal assessments of the risk posed by a virus that overwhelmingly affects only the elderly and infirm, and causes death in the same percentage of affected people as does the seasonal flu. "If avoiding others, wearing masks, and social distancing are so effective...the people who feel strongly about risk have the means of protecting themselves...[the] risks and benefits of living normally can be borne by those who want to live".


May 20, 2020 - More Failed Fearmongering: No “Second Waves” In Areas That Lifted Lockdowns Weeks Ago  (including hard-hit France) - Major Easings Continue Worldwide - Growing Citizen Anger At Continuation of Unscientific and Arbitrary Governmental “Lockdown” and “Shutdown” “Orders

[More failed fearmongering]: No "second waves" in France [as widely predicted by virtually all "experts] - almost two weeks after the country ended its "lockdown" - no signs of increase in the numbers of people infected"...hospitalizations and patients in intensive care continue to decline daily. 

More physicians speaking out against continuing "lockdowns" weeks after goal of "flatting curve" was achieved everywhere; note they're now counterproductive and causing widespread harm. 

[Individual judgment reemerges]: high school graduation ceremony will go forward in Alabama stadium; thousands of graduates, parents, siblings and grandparents expected to attend. 

[Coronavirus follows historic flu pattern]; now declining in Asia and Europe; still running through later-hit areas like Russia and South America. 

Malaysia records ZERO deaths; only 31 new infections.

Oklahoma eases further; after second phase of easing, virus continues to decline.

Netherlands eases further; allows schools to reopen in June; puts public transport back on regular schedules. 

Texas eases further; will allow summer camps to resume.

US sees declines in new cases; easing widens; - all 50 states have now begun lifting "lockdown orders"

Slovakia eases; reopens theaters, cinemas and shopping malls.

[Common sense reemerges in Spain. As the virus continues to decline sharply], opposition leader rejects Spanish Prime Minister's request to extend emergency declaration, saying, “You are like a headless chicken running around not knowing what to do...To endorse your extension would be irresponsible.” “Your plan has been a failure. Confinement prevents contagion but that cannot be an unlimited measure...Your policies are causing wreckage.”

Germany eases further; allows public swimming pools to reopen; "virologists confident chlorine in the water" kills the virus. 

India eases; will resume domestic air travel next week.

[Common sense reemerges in Denmark. As the virus has greatly declined in the county]; lawmakers are now pushing the Prime Minister to reopen borders.  

Connecticut eases; allows outdoor restaurants, offices, retail stores, malls, museums and zoos to reopen today; also hair salons and other "nonessential" businesses.  

[More failed fearmongering]: "the utter devastation that experts feared would hammer Africa as the world's poorest governments confronted the virus has yet to emerge...This low (speaking relatively) case number has "raised hopes that African countries may be spared the worst of the pandemic," said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres." 

Cyprus eases; will reopen airports on June 9th; expects "full containment of virus by the end of this week". 

[Growing consensus]: "If avoiding others, wearing masks, and social distancing are so effective...the people who feel strongly about risk have the means of protecting themselves... risks and benefits of living normally can be borne by those who want to live". 

Australia eases further; will allow resumption of recreational travel next week; reopens tourist areas; 

Scientists in Thailand report promising results in tests of potential vaccine; will start further tests next week.  

[Growing consensus]: "No one elected Anthony Fauci or the freakishly unhealthy-looking public health commissars inLos Angeles and Pennsylvania. No one asked us if we would endure universal masking or indefinite shutdowns on their say so. And, to the extent we were asked to give our consent for any of this, our consent for a lockdown was procured using false pretenses about its necessity, duration, and severity."

Virus slows in Russia; number of recoveries greater than number of new cases, for first time; outbreak "stabilizing at last". 

Cambodia eases; lifts travel bans. 

France eases further; rugby club will resume practice next week; Renault will reopen car factory on Friday

[Growing consensus]: "We sheltered in place. We wore the masks. We socially distanced. We stayed in our homes. We stayed home from work. We have done all we were told to do to contain the virus. But, now, with the shutdown having put 36 million Americans on unemployment and sunk our GDP to Depression-era levels, we're going back to work."

Inovio reported promising results in tests of potential vaccine; stock is up. 

Moderna also reported promising results in tests of its potential vaccine.

Latvia eases; plans to lift state of emergency next week.

US Justice Department instructs California to permit church services; says prohibition imposed by [lockdown-crazed and unfit-for-office -Editor's Opinion] Governor, Gavin Newsom "facially discriminates against religious exercise". 

Japan eases further; plans to lift restrictions in three more prefectures; now "on a path towards containing" the virus.; levels now at March lows

Delta Air Lines plans to add flights in June and July, as a result of increasing US demand. 


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