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Coronavirus and Government Overreactions Now Waning Throughout the World

Coronavirus Is Waning Throughout Most of the World

May 19, 2020 - More Failed Fearmongering - No “Second Waves” - Major Easings Worldwide - Growing Recognition That Leaders Everywhere Unwisely Shelved Common Sense and Caused Vast Economic and Social Damage by Accepting Outrageously Flawed “Expert” Predictions and “Lockdown” Advice

Astoundingly flawed computer "models” created by now-infamous "professor" Neil Ferguson - which caused wordwide panic and hysterical government "lockdown" orders - was never peer reviewed; unelected Chief Fearmonger [-Editor's Opinion] Anthony Fauci accepted it without review and based draconian “lockdown” advice upon it; "These models, and the decisions based on them, should not inflict any more damage."

"Listening to [outrageously failed - Editor's Opinion] 'experts' has led to death and despair

New cases in Florida have continued to slow, even though state has greatly lifted "lockdown" restrictions. 

Germany - which also began lifting restrictions weeks ago - reported "steep decline in new cases"; continuing decline in transmission index. 

"Undeniably positive news from several fronts in the coronavirus war...The facts suggest a positive trend". 

Study shows recovered patients are not infectious, and "aren't capable of transmitting the infection". 

Insensible, lockdown-crazed [-Editor's Opinion] US governors face increasing legal challenges. 

Psychotherapist warns that "lockdown zealots" are behaving like "cult members by doubling down on their beliefs despite having been proven wrong".

"Particularly potent" antibody found in blood of people who recovered from SARS; now being "fast-tracked for development and testing".

Italy eases further; Prime Minister now "cautiously optimistic". 

University of Notre Dame will reopen its campus two weeks early.

Virus continues to decline in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania & Serbia; countries now discussing reopening borders.

Singapore eases further; will allow more businesses to reopen on June 2nd.

Number of new cases continues to drop in Japan; country may reopen areas sooner than planned.

Slovenia declared epidemic over; skiers now return to slopes

In the "race for immunity, [no lockdowns] Sweden leads the pack.

Russian Prime Minister has recovered from coronavirus and resumed working.

As pandemic recedes, "it's becoming clear that cities and states that have cautiously reopened did the right thing. They are reaping the benefits of that. Nowhere has the virus surged back. Hospitals haven't been overwhelmed, death rates have not spiked. The time for mass quarantines is passed". 

Czech Republic & Austria ease further; now planning to reopen border.  

Israel eases further; will reopen holy site next week.

Spain eases further; fishermen now return to sea; new infections and deaths continue to drop

Poland eases further; national airline will resume domestic flights on June 1st.

UK has sharp drop in nursing home deaths; "outbreak is slowing"; "deaths in all settings including care homes are falling". 

Southwest Airlines sees signs that hysteria is fading - bookings in May outpaced cancellations for the first time since March and reservations for next month are showing improvement; Delta also sees improving demand

Colorado officials admit actual Covid 19 deaths were less than previously claimed; revises number down sharply. 

Pakistan eases further - Supreme Court strikes down government's order closing shopping malls.

Hospitals prepared for "coronavirus cases that never claim"


May 18, 2020 - Major Easings Worldwide - Lockdown-crazed Governmental “Leaders” increasingly Forced By Citizens and Courts to Rescind Asinine & Unlawful “Lockdown” “Orders” - ZERO reports of “Expert”-Predicted “Second Waves” - Growing Recognition That Government “Leaders” Wildly and Hysterically Overreacted to Outrageously Deficient and False “Expert” Predictions

"Denmark leads lockdown exit". "Four weeks after Denmark began easing its lockdown...coronavirus outbreak is under control". 

Virus continues to drop sharply in US; lowest daily increase of new cases since April 30th; country has been "dramatically overcounting Covid 19 deaths"

Massachusetts eases; allows churches to reopen!

Italy had lowest daily increases in deaths and new cases since "lockdowns" began in early March; has allowed Catholic Masses to resume. ; shops, hairdressers and restaurants "finally threw open their doors on Monday".

Detroit eases [massively]; more than 130,000 people have returned to work in automobile factories.

Europe eases; visitors return to landmarks.

Deaths in Spain continue to drop sharply; only 59 yesterday; second day in a row below 100. 

Deaths in Ireland drop very sharply; now at seven-week low; country now easing restrictions. 

Oregon Court rules in favor of churches; declares Governor's "lockdown order" unconstitutional; "null and void".

[Rapidly growing citizen opposition forced California's fear-addled, histrionic, fretful, and unfit-for-office -Editor's Opinion] Governor Gavin Newsom, to rescind more of his [inane, asinine, scientifically-unjustified, and patently unconstitutional - Editor's Opinion] "orders"; San Diego casino "reopened to a large crowd Monday". [Prediction: the rest will soon collapse under a tidal wave of revolt].

After Wisconsin's Supreme Court's ruled his [inane, asinine, scientifically-unjustified, and patently unconstitutional -Editor's Opinion] "lockdown orders" were invalid, the state's [fear-addled, histrionic, fretful, and unfit-for-office -Editor's Opinion] Governor, Tony Evers, announced that he's not going to try to issue any new ones. [Having been slapped back to common sense -Editor's Opinion], he stated, "it just doesn’t make any sense to spend a lot of time doing something that we know isn’t going to be successful". 

Rapidly growing citizen opposition forced New Jersey's fear-addled, histrionic, fretful, and unfit-for-office -Editor's Opinion] Governor Phil Murphy to recind his [inane, asinine, scientifically-unjustified, and patently unconstititutional -Editor's Opinion] "orders" closing batting cages, golf ranges and other outdoor recreational areas and businesses. [Prediction: the rest will soon collapse under a tidal wave of revolt].

Rapidly growing citizen opposition forced Virginia's fear-addled, histrionic, fretful, and unfit-for-office -Editor's Opinion] Governor Ralph Northram to recind his [inane, asinine, scientifically-unjustified, and patently unconstititutional -Editor's Opinion] beach-closing "orders". [Prediction: the rest will soon collapse under a tidal wave of revolt]. Pathetic, pompous ass [Editor's Opinion] then "sternly warned that he could close the beaches again if his new rules aren’t followed".

Rapidly growing citizen opposition forced Michigan's "lockdown"-crazed fear-addled, histrionic, fretful, and unfit-for-office -Editor's Opinion] Governor Gretchen Whitmer to recind [inane, asinine, scientifically-unjustified, and patentently unconstititutional -Editor's Opinion] business "shutdown" orders; businesses now permitted to reopen in much of the state.

Grassroots opposition grows to continuing governmental "lockdown orders": "When Did Flattening The Curve Turn Into Finding The Cure?"; revolts increase worldwide.

Texas eases further; one of the first states to lift "lockdown" restrictions will now allow bars and daycare centers to reopen next week. 

Courts in France prohibit government's use of drones to enforce "lockdown" orders; hold that they constitute "a serious and manifestly unlawful infringement of privacy rights". 

[Perspective]: 81% of coronavirus deaths in Canada occurred in nursing homes

UK eases; fishermen resume their livelihoods.

Starbucks eases; reopens many stores in Japan. 

New corona vaccine shows promise in trials

Airlines ease; Delta announces returns to service in June. 

Death rate in France continues to drop

Rome eases; will reopen famous exhibit on June 2nd. 

Pakistan's Supreme Court rules Covid 19  is "not a pandemic" in the country; orders government to lift "lockdown" restrictions. 

Czech Republic eases further; plans to ease more border controls beginning June 8th.

Thailand eases; traffic gridlocks resume.

Amazon eases; plans to reopen French warehouses.

Starbucks eases; resumes business in Italy. 

[Present and rapidly-growing wave -Editor's Opinion]: Police forces are increasingly refusing to enforce [patently unconstitutional -Editor's Opinion] "orders" issued by unhinged state governors. 


May 17, 2020 - Major Easings Everywhere [increasingly being forced upon lockdown-crazed “leaders” by citizen revolts] - More Indications That Hysteria-Inclined “Leaders” Wildly Overreacted In Response to Outrageously Flawed “Scientific Models” - No Overwhelming “Second Waves” (just more speculation and fearmongering about potential “Second Waves”) - First Reported Expert Acknowledgment That Covid 19 May Abruptly “Peter Out” Naturally, Just as SARS Virus Did Four Years Ago

[Surprise, surprise -Editor's comment]: Australian study shows that schools are not "breeding grounds for Covid 19; "governments worldwide should allow all children back to school"

Former World Health Organization Oncologist now says Covid 19 may "burn out naturally before any vaccine is developed", exactly as happened four years ago with the equally-dreaded SARS virus [and exactly as some people, including the Editor of this site, have long predicted] "it could be petering out by itself". 

"Interesting pattern" continues to be seen in news media headlines: stories focus on "newest" international hotspots - Russia and Brazil - but almost nothing about the successes in Georgia. " Georgia has now been open for three weeks & cases, hospitalizations and deaths continue to decline. Why isn’t Georgia the number one story in America? Simple: because the news is good."

Malaysia reported ZERO new deaths and only 22 new cases [Perspective - given its population 32,772,100, that means less than one millionth percent - .0000006%. How can any sane governmental leader even think of imposing any "lockdown" order on the entire population to try to prevent a flu infection in 22 people - and an infection that statistically kills only a tiny fraction of infected people?]

Vietnam - a country with a 95,545,962 population, reported ONLY TWO NEW COVID 19 CASES YESTERDAY. [Editor's Question - by what definition could that statistic even possibly be considered an "epidemic", let alone a circumstance that would warrant any government's restrict the freedom of the other 95,545,960 citizens?]

US Health Secretary reports that "expert"-predicted "second waves" have not occurred in areas of the US that have lifted "lockdown" restrictions, ON THE CONTRARY, there have been increases in areas that remain closed!

World eases; more people everywhere return to streets, beaches, parks, restaurants, and normal life. 

Spain - the "hardest hit" country just a few short weeks ago, had less than 100 deaths yesterday, for the first time in two months.

Apple eases: will reopen another 25 US stores in seven states this week; has already reopened 100 others.

Greece eases; allows churches to reopen.

Slovenia eases; allows ski resorts to reopen. 

Italy's death rate continues steep decline; now down to only 145 people; country plans more easing on Monday; will reopen borders for European travel; many shops and businesses will reopen tomorrow; lowest number of new cases and deaths since early March. 

UK's death rate continues steep decline; now down to only 170 people; smallest number since March 24th; more than 36% drop in only 24 hours

New cases in US continue to decline; remain below last week's average. 

Disney eases; will reopen Disney Springs complex next Tuesday. 

[Chief US Fearmonger, disgraceful "look at me, look at me" talking-head bureaucrat Anthony Fauci [-Editor's Opinion] actually has no "expert" credentials in virology, but has a history of failed predictions and assessments; : "Fauci earned a medical degree from Cornell University in 1966, but does not list any advanced degrees in molecular biology...ultimately, Fauci gave up the practice of medicine for a career in bureaucracy."

New cases in Phillipines continue to slow; country reported only seven new deaths yesterday.

New York eases; residents revel in freedoms reclaimed [from their hysterical, lockdown-crazed, and patently unfit-for-office "leaders" -Editor's opinion].

Oregon government will now provide hospitals with promising treatment drug remdesivir

Pakistan eases; allows Catholic churches to hold Masses for first time in two months

Deaths continue to drop sharply in UK; lowest daily number since outbreak began on March 23rd.

Hospitalizations and patients in intensive care in France continue to fall, along with new cases; have now reached extremely low levels. [For perspective - the 490 new cases reported today - in a country of 67 million people - is infintesimally small - 0.000007%. No sane government leaders would ever lock down 67 million people to try to prevent 490 people from getting any disease, let alone one that the vast majority will survive -Editor's Opinion].

[Lockdown-crazed California Governor Newsome, clearly humiliated and chastened by his fear-addled, hand-wringing, panicked overreactions and stinging revolts from all parts of the political spectrum -Editor's Opinion], is now desperately backpedalling and spinning [Editor's Opinion: growing opposition to his asinine, inane, and unconstitutional "orders" will assuredly soon make that claim, and more, a reality.]

As some governments seek to continue lockdowns despite the outrageous falsity of all "expert" predictions about "millions of deaths", "overwhelmed hospital systems", "ventilator shortages" "doctors deciding who lives or who dies", or any of the other doomsday claims upon which all those unprecedented worldwide measures were based, citizens are increasingly revolting, throughout the world and in the US

Courts are increasingly striking down inane and patently unconstitutional "lockdown orders"; Kentucky court strikes Governor's ban on church services, saying it was " beyond what was reasonably required for the safety of the public".

Vehement backlash forced [the totally unhinged and unfit-for-office -Editor's Opinion] Washington State Governor to rescind his patently unconstitutional "order" requiring restaurants to log the names and contact information of their customers. [Editor's Note - when such orders are being opposed even by the arch-left American Civil Liberties Union, there's a good chance such outrageous orders will have big future political ramifications.]

Coronavirus eases in US; more than 30 states, including previously hard-hit New Jersey, report declines

France eases; allows Catholic Masses to resume.

India eases; will allow "all activities" to resume in most parts of country. 


May 16, 2020 - More Easing Everywhere - No Overwhelming “Second Waves” - More Disclosures About Outrageously-Inaccurate “Models” That Caused Worldwide Panic and Led Hysterical Government Leaders to Issue “Lockdowns” and Ruinous Shutdown Orders

"The Covid-19 modelling that sent Britain into lockdown, shutting the economy and leaving millions unemployed [which was created by disgraced and now-infamous "professor" Neil Ferguson], has been slammed by a series of experts." Analysts found it " “totally unreliable...something you wouldn’t stake your life on...a buggy mess". Possibly "the most devastating software mistake of all time". 

Italy eases further; thousands of restaurants bars, hairdressers, clothing stores and shoe shops reopening on Monday; will reopen borders for tourism on June 3rd.

New infections continue to drop sharply in Spain; has lowest number of deaths in eight weeks

UK Chief Medic again acknowledges that Covid 19 is harmless to most people;the fear currently gripping the public mind is being simultaneously encouraged and acknowledged as unnecessary by the bodies overseeing the ‘response’.”

Poland eases; allows mining industry to resume next week.

Czech Republic eases; will take "major steps to relax its lockdown measures"; allow restaurants, hotels and pools to reopen on May 25th, and allow gatherings of hundreds of people.

Portugal eases further; restaurants and shops reopen on Monday; Prime Minister now urges citizens "to go out again and seek to resume normality"

Texas and Georgia - which ended lockdowns weeks ago - have not experienced the "second waves" that "experts" claimed were a "virtual certainty" by this time. "Once again, projections for...mayhem ...seriously overshot the reality". 

Cambodia has had ZERO new cases for a month; reports all prior cases recovered.

NFL eases; will allow some team facilities to reopen next week.

Greece eases further; reopens beaches.

The "curve is now flat" in Los Angeles, and "has been...for weeks. It could reopen tomorrow and it should and it would if its leaders were following the science... power-drunk politicians crow about science but resolutely ignore its findings". 

New York Governor allows beaches to reopen [very reluctantly, and only because he knew he'd otherwise face a massive revolt -Editor's Opinion]; state had fewest deaths in seven weeks

Delaware, New Jersey, and Connecticut ease; allow beaches to reopen. 

Virginia, Maryland and New York ease; take "first steps" to lift their lockdowns. 

Phillipines eases; begins to lift lockdown in Manila.

Iran eases; will allow restaurants, sporting competitions, and shrines to reopen in a week. 

Professional soccer games resumed in Germany; deaths in country lowest since May 6th; government asks Poland and Czech Republic to reopen borders

"Contagion slowing" in India.

New cases continued to drop in North Carolina; down 9% from prior day; data show that "all trends remain stable".

Common-sense consensus begins to emerge: "if you want to stay at home...stay at home...the rest of us, we'll make our own decisions."

British Columbia, which like Sweden didn't impose hysterical "lockdowns", never became a "virus epicenter" ; has had better death rate than "almost anywhere in North America and much of Europe".

Ireland eases; will begin lifting lockdowns next week.

Hungary allows outdoor restaurants to reopen; plans further easing of Budapest lockdown. 

Hypocritical CNN reporter who criticized President Trump for not wearing mask at press conference was caught ripping hers off as soon as cameras stopped. 

Number of patients in intensive care continues to drop in Belgium; number is now "well below the health system’s capacity".

Thailand eases; allows department stores and shopping malls to reopen. 

Russia had lowest increase in new cases since May 1st; sharp drop from previous day

Shanghai eases; will reopen schools on June 2nd.

Illinois data show that death rate for people under age 50 is less than one percent; virus mostly affects elderly with pre-existing conditions. 


May 15, 2020 - Fantastic News Worldwide - Restrictions Being Lifted Everywhere - No Overwhelming “Second Waves” - Breakthrough Antibody Treatment Announced Which Will Be Game-Changer If Confirmed Successful

A California biopharmaceutical company announced the development of an antibody "cure" that can completely "shield the body from coronvirus". Founder declares, "We want to emphasize there is a cure. There is a solution that works 100 percent…If we have the neutralizing antibody in your body, you don't need the social distancing. You can open up a society without fear."

Denmark reported ZERO coronavirus deaths today; first time since March.

Malaysia reported ZERO deaths today; only 36 new cases. 

Italy eases; allows all businesses including bars and restaurants to reopen next week; lift all internal travel restrictions as of  June 3rd: citizens will again be allowed to "move freely". 

US eases; auto industry restarts production. 

Czech Republic announces it will end virtually all shutdown orders on May 28th; allow restaurants, hotels, pools to reopen; and gatherings of hundreds of people; rescind requirement that people wear masks in public. 

Slovenia declares "outbreak over"; will lift all restrictions on stores, schools, and businesses on Monday; reopen borders to EU citizens. 

Europe continues to ease; border & travel restrictions being lifted everywhere; cafes reopen. 

Hospitalizations and patients in intensive care continued to drop sharply in Portugal, almost two weeks after country eased "lockdown" restrictions. 

Australia eases; allows Catholic churches to reopen for all services, including Masses, also restaurants and cafes

Switzerland eases; lifts travel restrictions on borders with Germany & Austria.

Data reveal that diabetic UK citizens and those who lived in northern regions were far more likely to die from Covid 19 than others.  

Austria eases; announces plans to allow theaters, cinemas, cultural gatherings to resume.

Deaths in Spain dropped sharply - by 63% - and rate of new cases remained stable.

Mississippi eases; will allow casinos to reopen next week.

Justification for lockdown measures - "flattening the curve" - has been met everywhere; lockdowns should now end. 

Ireland eases; announces plan to begin lifting restrictions on Monday. 

Mexico eases; will reopen industries including mining next week; health official reports "tendencies of decline" in some regions of the country. 

Hospitalization and death rates remain low in Texas, despite having lifted restrictions weeks ago; state planning to lift more restrictions on Monday. 

Increase in new cases in Russia remained below five-day average.

Thailand eases further; allows shopping malls, department stores and other businesses to reopen on Monday.

Doctor who previously called for lockdowns says data show it's now time to end them.

California eases; residents return to Los Angeles County beaches. 

Japan eases; large parts of country no longer under a state of emergency. 

Singapore eases; allows construction workers to return to work.

Human tests began on another potential vaccine

Bulgaria eases; will allow shopping malls to reopen next week.

Governmental leaders should "be thrilled" that "second wave" predictions have no occurred in areas that have lifted lockdowns, and follow suit, but many unreasonably decline to do so. 

New York eases in areas that have "met benchmarks". 

Disney eases; establishes safeguards for reopenings. 

Azerbejian eases; allows restaurants to reopen. 

Georgia [country] eases; will end state of emergency on May 22nd. 

Mexico eases sooner; now plans to reopen auto production industry before June 1st. 

Germany eases; loosens travel restrictions. 

Belgium's Trappist Monks ease; restart beer business. 


May 14, 2020  - Sharp Reductions In Deaths & Infections Worldwide - Faster Easing Everywhere - Increasing Realization That Governments Other Than Sweden’s Hysterically Overreacted To Actual Threat; Foolishly Accepted “Experts” Advice That Was Based On Flawed Computer Models

Investigation of computer code underlying "models" used by infamous doomsday-predicting "professor" - Neil Ferguson - finds it "inappropriate for scientific use"; "such a joke it is either an outright fraud, or it is the most inept piece of programming I have ever seen in my life". 

Scientists are now "relying more on real-world observations than computer models" [as reality does not in any way support the continuation of draconian "lockdowns" and "social distancing" - Editor's Opinion].

Growing worldwide recognition: "Sweden's [no-lockdown] strategy will soon be the world's". 

Weeks after Georgia [US state] eased; number of Covid 19 hospitalizations is down to a "record low". 

Justification for continuing "lockdowns" does not exist: Covid 19 hospitalization rates are comparable to those of seasonal flu; 1968 flu was far worse, yet no governments issued any panicked "social distancing" rules. 

Finland eases; permits schools to reopen.

[US Senator gives badly-needed perspective]: "Mortality rate among children 'approaches zero'...for those aged 18-45 the mortality in New York was 10 out of 100,000...mortality rate in Sweden [which never imposed lockdowns] is less than France, less than Italy, less than Spain, less than Belgium, less than the Netherlands, about the same as Switzerland."

Worldwide lockdowns "greatest policy mistake in history"; "panic and hysteria, not the coronavirus...created this catastrophe".

Japan eases; lifts state of emergency earlier than planned in most prefectures.

[Utterly disgraced, sidelined, and desperate-for-funding -Editor's Opinion] World Health Organization now admits what can no longer be denied: the pandemic is dying out in Europe

Paris eases; streets filled with joyful people; French Prime Minister announces that citizens will be permitted to vacation in France and its territories this summer. 

Death rate continued to decline in US, for third week in a row. 

Spain eases further; Belearic Islands reopening for tourism.

Wisconson forced to ease; Supreme Court strikes down unconstitutional "stay at home" order; governor and bureaucrats "overstepped their authority". 

Los Angeles County eases; furious residents force Mayor to walk back extension "order" announced by unelected "Health Director"; businesses continue to reopen in spite of county's announced extension of its "reopening timeline"

Every single coronavirus statistic is down sharply in New Jersey; new hospitalizations, total hospitalizations, patients in intensive care, patients on ventilators, new cases, and deaths. State never came close to the doomsday projections made by "experts" and its [hysterical and patenty unfit-for-office - Editor's Opinion] Governor, Phil Murphy.

Poland eases; moves ahead with plans to reopen economy. 

Amazon eases; now returning to normal delivery times. 

Analysis shows 92% of people who died from Covid 19 in Cook County, Illinois had pre-existing conditions

UK approved a new antibody test.; "one hundred percent accuracy" reportedly confirmed

Rate of new infections dropped in Russia; country reported promising clinical results of tests of new treatment drug, favipiravir.

Michigan Court denies government's request to issue a temporary restraining against a barber who is defying Governor's lockdown "order". 



May 13, 2020 - Sea Change In News Articles - No Screaming “Deaths Surge” Headlines - No Reports of Actual “Second Waves” - Easing Occurring Everywhere [always reluctantly reported, and always with “warnings”]

Los Angeles eases; reopens beaches, allows some offices to reopen.

Results of Spanish study comport with results of other studies worldwide - show that virus has been far more widespread in population [and far less deadly] than "expert" claims; Health Minister says results validate government’s strategy of phasing out severe lockdowns.

[Utterly disgraced and worse-than-worthless - Editor's Opinion] World Health Organization continues its fearmongering, saying "this virus may never go away", but the SARS virus of four years ago did exactly that - it naturally died out, and so rapidly that vaccine testing simply stopped.   

Poland eases; allows restaurants and hairdressers to resume on Monday; Prime Minister declares, "to some extent we have contained the epidemic, therefore we can gradually unfreeze the economy".

Detroit eases; all auto manufacturers restarting production on Monday.

Hundreds of thousands of doses of a tested vaccine that was developed years ago in response to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 are "virtually ready to go into the clinic"; will now go into clinical trials. 

Italy eases; will reopen schools in September; infection and intensive care rates continue to decline sharply

Belgium eases; will permit markets, museums and zoos to reopen on Monday, along with some schools; "rate of new cases, hospital admissions and deaths has fallen steadily from early April peaks"; will allow barber shops, cultural attractions, museums, historical buildings and zoos to reopen on Monday.

Alameda County, California backs down; agrees to allow Tesla to resume automobile manufacturing.

[Rare expression of sanity from a governmental official - Editor's Opinion]: “At some point we need to accept risk...We have to accept that people will get infected and we have to push it to the threshold of what our health-care system can handle.”

[Reason slowly begins to return, even to the frenzied minds of the most hysterical, "lockdown" crazed state governors. One of the worst examples - Editor's Opinion], New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, announced that "non-essential" construction and retail businesses can now reopen [albeit with a slew of nanny-state rules]. 

UK eases; people who can't work from home are now being "urged" by government to return to work; garden centers now permitted to reopen; McDonalds reopens stores

Hong Kong citizens protest continuing "tyranny" of government-imposed "social distancing" rules. 

Illinois' Madison County eases; declares itself "back open for business"; announces it will follow its own plan rather than state's; retail businesses includingtheaters, bars, bowling alleys permitted to reopen. 

South Africa eases.

Tunisia had ZERO new cases for third day in a row; government eases curfew. 

Germany eases; announces reopening of border crossings; shops, schools and factories have already resumed

Austria eases; plans to reopen borders on June 

Opposition increases to governmental "lockdown" orders promoted by unelected [and historically-failed] "expert" Anthony Fauci.

Wyoming eases; reopens Yellowstone National Park.

Number of people released from hospitals continues to be "significantly more" than known current cases; death rate continues to fall. 

Far higher nursing home death rate in New York that one in Florida was reportedly the result of disastrous order issued by Governor Andrew Coumo not to test for Covid 19, and not to deny admission based on actual or suspected infections; Health Department removed all references to the order from Web site.


May 12, 2020 [Evening Rundown]- Major Declines & Easing Worldwide; ZERO Reports of  “Expert”-Predicted “Second Waves”:

Sweden achieved the entire goal of "lockdowns" - preventing its health care system from being overwhelmed - without imposing any lockdowns or business shutdowns. Even the Executive Director of disgracefully-failed WHO's Emergencies Program now says, "in many ways Sweden represents a future model."

Florida eases further; will permit retailers, restaurants and personal care businesses in Miami-Dade and Broward counties to reopen on Monday.

New York data show massive racial disparity in people "arrested forcoronavirus-related offences"; 90% have been "black or hispanic". [Editor's Opinion - even the utterly unscientific and hysterical fear of dying from Covid 19 could not possibly cause mindless governmental "lockdown" advocates to wet their beds more than a fear that their inane actions will ultimately be judged to have been not only outrageously stupid, but to have massively increased racial disparities. That fact provides increasing hope that they'll all soon be forced to ease all of their patently asinine and unconstitutional "orders"].

General Motors reported that the company "has not seen transmission of COVID-19 in any of its plants worldwide since it instituted new safety protocols requiring workers to wear masks, maintain social distancing and take other preventive measures". 

France eases further; primary schools reopen. 

Number of Covid 19 hospital patients in France fell steeply on Monday, "continuing an uninterrupted downward trend that has lasted four weeks".

Deaths in Italy continue to fall; now down to 172 yesterday.

Austria eases much further; will end some border controls in days and expects to end all in June. 

McDonald's eases; now plans to open all UK & Ireland locations in June.

European Union eases; recommends starting to lift border and travel restrictions and revive tourism.

[In its abjectly pathetic scramble to attempt to regain credibility, utterly disgraced and worse-than-worthless -Editor's Opinion] World Health Organization now drops its abject fearmongering and admits that "some treatments appear to be limiting the severity or length of the COVID-19". 

Bulgaria eases; will end "state of emergency" on Wednesday. 

Labcorp now offers at-home test kit nationwide

Senator publicly chides [unelected and repeatedly-wrong Chief Fearmonger -Editor's Opinion] Anthony Fauci for "wrong prediction after wrong prediction"; reminds that "his recommendations do not extend beyond the realm of science and public health"; notes, "we can’t let any one person dictate what we do in the economy"; disgraceful Fauci [with tail-between-his-legs -Editor's Opinion] "agrees", then despicably [-Editor's Opinion] tries to stoke fears about children [when absolutely overwhelming evidence has definitively shown that they're virtually unaffected by Covid 19 - Editor's Opinion]; now grudgingly admits that treatment drug remdesivir has been successful; yet keeps contemtibly banging his doomsday drum

Tesla eases; Musk defies lockdown-minded government officials; reopens California factory and dares them to arrest him. 

Los Angeles Mayor [is forced to admit the inanity and impossibility of his unhinged "Health Director's" wild -Editor's Opinion] assertion that the government will extend stay-at-home "orders" for three more months.

US FDA gives "fast track" status to potential Moderna vaccine

Lockdown-mad and fear-addled [Editor's Opinion] Pennsylvania Governor ripped by State Representative for imperious acts and refusal to address media: "you are not the supreme ruler of Pennsylvania". Opposition candidate adds: "You work for US”. "You don’t get to call people who are trying to feed their families cowards & deserters". 


Rate of increases in US cases continued to slow, week-over-week

CNN caught posting fearmongering headline that was unsupported by the information in the underlying article. 

More than 80% of Covid 19 deaths in Canada have occurred in long-term care facilities and nursing homes.


May 12, 2020 - Major Declines & Easing Continue Worldwide:

[Badly-needed perspective -Editor's Opinion]: "In 1968/69... the H3N2 [flu] pandemic killed more individuals in the U.S. than the combined total number of American fatalities during both the Vietnam and Korean Wars." "Nothing was closed by force. Schools mostly stayed open. Businesses did too. You could go to the movies. You could go to bars and restaurants. The historic Woodstock concert took place during that time. "Not a single governor acted to enforce social distancing, curve flattening...or banning of crowds."

America eases; Dozens of states lift restrictions this week. 

Czech Republic eases further; lifts mandatory face mask order except for interiors of public transport and buildings.

Brussels eases; allows shopping mall to reopen.

France eases; half of shops on Champs Elysee reopened; government drops requirement that people have forms to leave their homes; only one sailor from aircraft carrier remains hospitalized.

UK eases; government now "actively encourag[ing]" people to return to work.

Study shows that treatment with a trio of existing drugs is safe and highly effective in shortening the duration of virus and reducing symptoms.

Florida eases further; allowed salons and barber shops to reopen yesterday.

Georgia [US] reported lowest number of Covid-19 hospital cases since statistic started being collected

Decline in new cases continues in Switzerland; country eases further - "kids returned to classes, stores reopened their doors, and downtown eateries got back to business".

Russia eases; President Putin ends nationwide economic shutdown.

Quebec eases; allows schools and day care centers to reopen in areas other than Montreal. 

-------May 9, 2020: Declines Everywhere - Growing Realization that “lockdown measures were based on flawed science; should be reversed immediately”. 

Italy had fewest new cases and deaths since outbreak began; country may ease sooner; new case rate lowest since early March.

Spain had fewest deaths since March 19th.

France had fewest deaths since mid-March; number of people in intensive care – “key measure of a health system’s ability to deal with the epidemic” – continues to fall; now only 38% of peak rate. 

Death rate in Florida continued to drop, for the fourth day.

The Netherlands had fewest deaths since March 18th.

Switzerland eases; allows schools to reopen tomorrow.

New South Wales eases; will allow allow restaurants, playgrounds and outdoor pools to reopen on Friday.

Ohio eases; will almost all businesses to reopen by the end of this week.

UK had fewest deaths since March 29th.

UK eases; allows tennis courts and golf courses to reopen; swimming in seas and lakes; and parks and beaches

Malaysia reported ZERO deaths

Lockdown measures were based on flawed science; should be reversed immediately

Israel eases; allows nurseries and kindergartens to reopen.

Number of patients in intensive care continues sharp drop in Belgium; deaths continue to decline as well.

Georgia [US] – one of the earliest states to lift “lockdown” restrictions and allow businesses to reopen – reported lowest number of hospitalizations since outbreak began

Johnson & Johnson plans to make 1 billion vaccines by next year, and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. said hundreds of thousands of antibody treatments could be ready by end of summer.

Increase in new US cases continued to slow from last week

Doctors rethinking hasty use of ventilators to treat Covid-19 patients

Deaths in New York fell to lowest number since March 27th; city had sharp decline in hospitalizations as well

Ireland had fewest deaths since March 30th.



May 9, 2020: Calls to End Mindless Lockdowns Now Coming from Proven Epidemiologist & Front-Line Physicians

Swedish epidemiologist who was architect of country's successful "no lockdowns" plan, says "nothing [to do with lockdowns] had a scientific basis", particularly decisions to close schools, because there was no evidence that children were a major cause of transmission...European leaders, fearful that their health systems would be overwhelmed, felt they needed to copy China’s approach.

New York doctors on the front line of the worst-hit city in the world now say it's time to lift "lockdowns": “It’s not often I agree with Trump, but I think that we should open up on May 15,”says physician who runs the emergency room at New York Community Hospital and works at Mount Sinai Brooklyn.

Sweden - which never imposed "lockdown" and business shutdown orders - is now increasingly seen as being the proper coronavirus response model; lockdowns prevent achievement of needed "herd immunity"; Swiss Ambassador says, “We could reach herd immunity in the capital” of Stockholm as early as sometime in May. That would dramatically limit spread of the virus."

Virus waning fast in Asia; ZERO new cases in Hong Kong and Taiwan; declines continue in Thailand, Australia, and Singapore. 

Slovakia reported ZERO new cases for first time since March 10th

Rhode Island lifts "stay at home" order; first state in Northeast US to do so. 

Deaths, hospitalizations, and patients in intensive care all continued to drop sharply in Italy; country continues to ease.

Brtitain's Deputy Chief Medical Officer says virus reproduction rate is now below epidemic-level "1" throughout the country

Increasing citizen and business revolts against draconian governmental "lockdown" and "shutdown" orders now include Tesla - company plans to move its plants to Nevada and Texas "immediately"; and to sue Alameda County. 

Italy has fewest new cases since May 5th; 58% of Italians want all businesses to restart immediately. 

Virus continues to wane in Malaysia; country reported only one new death.

Deaths, hospitalizations, and patients in intensive care all continued to decline in France; country will start lifting "lockdown" restrictions on Monday.

New infections continue to decline in Japan; have remained below 100 for last seven days.

Turkey eases; will allow shopping malls, barber shops, hairdressers and beauty salons to reopen on Monday.

New infections and hospitalizations in New York have dropped to lowest level since March, and death rate remains steady; fewest new cases in 7 weeks

Czech Airlines announces it will resume flight operations on May 18th.

Portugal - which allowed small shops to reopen last week - had smallest increase in new cases in six days, and number of patients in intensive care fell for a third day. 

US is now shipping promising Gilead treatment drug, remdesivir, to six states

Ontario, Canada, reported lowest daily increase in new cases in more than a month; province now lifting "lockdown" restrictions. 

Virus continues to wane in Greece; infections and hospitalizations down; only one death yesterday. 

Spain eases; allows churches, theaters, and outdoor markets to reopen in more than half of country; shops, bars, and restaurants as well, with restrictions; death toll now down sharply - second-lowest since March

Vatican eases; plans to reopen Sistine Chapel, Vatican Gardens, Vatican museums. 

A US federal court issued an order preventing Kentucky's governor from banning in-person religious services

Saudia Arabia eases; removes restrictions on movement in many areas. 

All 187 people that were infected with Covid-19 in the Faroe Islands have recovered; goverment declares islands "free of the coronavirus". 

Pennsylvania counties reject Governor's draconian restrictions; plan to allow businesses to reopen under their own authority

Australia eases; some states now allowing small gatherings; preparing to open restaurants and shops. 



May 8, 2020 [Morning] - Major Declines Everywhere - Growing Recognition That Lockdowns Are a Rash & Harmful Overreaction:

Catholic Cardinals call on governmental leaders to respect people’s rights and fundamental freedoms; "question whether the danger from the virus has been overblown and demand that worshipers be able to congregate." 

German scientist finds "COVID-19 Less Deadly Than We Thought"; says "draconian ‘lockdown’ measures were decided in haste, and may ultimately be deemed to have been completely unnecessary".

Australia eases further; will end most restrictions by July.

Malaysia had ZERO Covid-19 deaths for the second straight day.

Coronavirus reproduction rate in Sweden - which never imposed ruinous "lockdowns" and business shutdowns - is roughly equal to that of the UK - which imposed some of the most severe; "Sweden now has much more widespread herd immunity and didn’t sacrifice its economy, meaning deaths from poverty will be reduced".

Spain eases; beaches reopen in Barcelona.

Singapore - a city with a population of 5,638,700 - has had only 20 Covid-19 deaths; will exit lockdown next month.

Researchers find that people with high levels of vitamin D [which is provided naturally by exposure to the sun], are less likely to die from Covid-19-caused "cytokine storm". 

Denmark eases further; willl allow shopping malls, schools and restaurants to reopen in coming weeks; museums, amusement parks and cinemas on June 8th.

"Number of new infections of the coronavirus is significantly falling" in Japan; government plans to lift restrictions.

Tesla eases; restarts production in California factory.

Italy eases; allows restaurants, bars, and other businesses to reopen. 

UK adviser critizes government's fearmongering; calls for rational perspective: "coronavirus warnings have'effectively terrorised' Britons "into believing that this is a disease that is going to kill you' even though mostthose infectedwill not be hospitalised... Eighty per cent of the people who get this infection will never need 

Spain eases; soccer clubs resume training.

Goal of lockdowns was to “flatten the curve” to protect healthcare system from being overwhelmed; That has been achieved. Americans did not agree to destroy their way of life and economy to "protect people from their own desires in order to eradicate the threat."

Lufthansa eases; will reactivate aircraft next month.

[Growing realization - worst damage has come from overreactions of governmental "leaders" everywhere -Editor's Opinion]: US has destroyed livings and lives "by accepting garbage data and assumptions from a papered idiocracy of 'experts.'"

Vietnam eases; aviation authority seeks to resume international travel on June 1st.

Italian Bolzano region eases early; will reopen bars, restaurants, hairdressers and museums ahead of schedule. 

Lebanon eases; mosques reopened; schools will reopen on May 28th.

Iran eases; allows mosques to reopen in many cities. 

"Contact tracing" app is an"improper tool at thispoint in this infection".

Number of new daily infections in Russia declined yesterday


May 7, 2020 {Evening] - Major Declines Continue Everywhere; Reason Slowly Comes Even to the Most Weak-Minded “Leaders”:

[Badly-needed perspective - Editor's Opinion]: the majority of counties in the US - 52% - have not had even a single Covid-19 death; only 14% have reported 1 death; only another 14% have reported from 2-5 deaths. 

US eases further; ten more states are reopening or planning to do so shortly: Alabama, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Utah. 

Denmark eases further; will allow retailers to resume normal business on May 11; cafes, restaurants and schools a week later. 

Norway - which has only a .49 virus reproduction rate (that's far below epidemic-level), eases; Prime Minister now says country plans to rescind all restrictions by mid-June.

Albania eases completely; given "low number of infections" and ninth straight day without any deaths, country will allow all businesses to resume without restrictions.

"Science-based" goal underlying all "stay-at-home" and business shutdown orders has long been achieved; no science-based justification to continue them; "Swedish model is the future". 

Common-sense calls increase to "release Americans from forcible home arrest"

France eases; allows more than half of shops on famed Champs-Elysees to reopen.

Major US farm and heavy equipment makers never stopped production

Death rate continues to fall sharply in Italy; number of new infections continues to fall as well.

Disney eases; will reopen some locations on May 20th.

Catholic Cardinals "question whether the danger from the virus has been overblown and demand that worshipers — now restricted by lockdown regulations — be able to congregate"; "religious rights are being trampled, including the right to gather and worship, under the guise of health concerns".

Nebraska eases; allows churches to resume in-person services, hair salons and restaurants to reopen; and weddings and funerals to resume. 

Ford eases; will restart production in North America on May 18th.

New York's sharp drop in death rate continued; new hospitalizations are also "flat", and intubations are "down". 

Norway eases; will open up "as much as possible" by mid-June.

Moderna announced that its potential vaccine will go into "late-stage studies" by early summer

California eases; will allow shops, construction sites and factories to reopen this weekend.

San Franscisco government [forced to] ease; will now allow allow retail stores to reopen. 

Rate of new cases slowed in Texas

Pakistan eases; announced immediate recission of all "lockdown" orders.

Study confirms that most people who recover from coronavirus have antibodies in their blood.

California's [quaking, hand-wringing, patently unfit-for-office - Editor's Opinion] "leader", Gavin Newsom - reluctantly rescinded more of his [inane and ruinous -Editor's Opinion] stay-at-home and shutdown "orders".

Michigan's [equally quaking, hand-wringing, patently unfit-for-office, disgracefully-posturing - Editor's Opinion] "leader", Gretchen Whitmer, was similarly forced to rescind her inane and ruinous -Editor's Opinion], "shutdown orders"; state will now allow factories to reopen on May 11th.

[Perspective - another in the endless stream of fear-stoking headlines by Bloomberg states, "South Africa Cases Increase 9%". However the actual news in that report is that the TOTAL number of active cases is only 8,232 (in a country of 59 million people), and that "9%" equals an ACTUAL TOTAL of only 660 cases - Editor's Note].

Aston-Marton eases; factories have started to reopen. 

Maryland eases; allows beaches to reopen.

Latvia eases; will allow shops and libraries to reopen; sports activities to resume. 

Texas Supreme Court orders immediate release of salon owner jailef for violating municipal government's business shutdown "order".; Governor changes order to specify that jail cannot be imposed as a penalty for violating such orders. 


---------May 7, 2020 {Morning Roundup] - More Declines & Good News Worldwide; Governments Starting to Ease Up

Italy eases; allows Catholic Church to hold Masses again beginning on May 18th. 

Japan approves use of promising new drug remsdivir to treat coronavirus

Greece eases; will reopen ancient tourist attractions on May 18th; museums on June 15th.

Netherlands accelerates easing schedule; allows salons and beauty parlors to reopen next week; restaurants, bars, and movie theaters on June 1st.

South Korean study debunks claims that recovered patients can get "reinfected"; shows test results underlying such claims were based on "false positivies". 

Belgium eases; rescinds order preventing people from inviting others into their homes. 

Wildly inaccurate virus "model" issued by Imperial College of London became the benchmark for "radical policies" that have been "unbelievably destructive to society". Disgraced chief author Neil Ferguson "has been wrong so often that some of his fellow modelers call him ‘The Master of Disaster'".

UK begins to ease up; Prime Minister says government is likely to start lifting lockdown measures on Monday. 

Danish Prime Minister, citing "positive results", said restaurants, shopping malls and big retailers in Denmark may reopen as early as Monday. 

Death rate per capita in Sweden - which never imposed mandatory lockdown or business closure orders - is lower than the rates of France, Spain, and the UK, which all imposed draconian "stay-at-home" orders, many of which are still in effect

Number of new cases in Thailand "dwindling into single digits"; country eases restrictions.

Ontario eases; allows all retail stores with a street entrance to open for curbside pickup and delivery as of May 11. 

Spain's death toll continues sharp declines; is now "far below" peak reached in April.

Germany continues to ease; federal and state governments agreed to "further loosen the 'rules'"; reproduction rate remains well below epidemic level and continues to decline.

Death rate continues to slow in France; number of hospitalizations and patients in intensive care fell to lowest level in four weeks; government eases up; will begin lifting restrictions next week

Georgia [the country] eases; will lift its lockdown in Tbilisi and allow shops to reopen next week. 

Pakistan eases; announces plans to permit business activities to resume. 

Calls to continue draconian lockdown measures even as coronavirus infections decline worldwide are driven by "moral narcissism" rather than science

Japan's government eases up; says it may lift emergency declarations earlier. 

Study indicates that genetic differences may account for wide variations in effects of coronavirus.


May 5, 2020 [Evening] - No “Second Waves” Outrageous Hypocrisy of Fearmongering “Professor Lockdown”: 

“Leading epidemiologist” whose "lockdown" recommendations heavily influenced Britain’s decision to impose draconian measures resigned after being caught ignoring those measures himself [Editor's Note - he quite obviously didn't believe his own disgraceful fearmongering]. "He screwed his mistress, screwed us all, and now - thankfully - screwed himself"

Disgraceful epidemiologist who  was caught ignoring the lockdowns he insisted were necessary to save lives has a history of having made equally fearful and panic-inducing predictions that wildly exceeded ultimate outcomes

South Korea had only three new cases; lowest since February

Rate of new infections continues to drop sharply in Italy; now lowest in two months. 

[Badly-needed perspective -Editor's Opinion]: 1957 Asian flu killed 116,000 Americans (when total population was much smaller), but government leaders didn't panic or order "lockdowns" or business shutdowns; they treated it as "a medical problem to address with medical intelligence". 

Texas eases further; will allow hair and nail salons to reopen this week; rate of new infections continues to decline. 

Mexico's Health Minister announces, "Mexico is winning the battle against the coronavirus and has enough spare capacity to see off the peak of the pandemic"; President wants to begin reopening by May 17th. 

"Tricky math" continues to justify wild predictions made by "experts". 

Number of hospitalizations and patients on ventilators continued to decline in Louisiana

Study reports a new man-made antibody "neutralizes" coronavirus

Oregon eases; allows some state parks, outdoor recreation facilities, and other areas to reopen. 

Hospitalizations, patients in critical, and deaths all continued to fall in New Jersey. 

[Another badly-needed perspective, in Editor's opinion] - conronavirus is not a "virus of mass destruction". 

Deaths and hospitalizations continued to slow in Turkey. 

Studies indicate success with stem-cell therapies on severe coronavirus patients.

Regeneron announced that its experimental antibody treatment could be available by the fall

California eases - [unhinged, unfit-for-office, and utterly fear-addled -Editor's Opinion] Governor was forced by citizen and county revolts to rescind some beach closing "orders"; state had lowest number of new cases since April 25th; some counties have allowed restaurants, stores, and gyms to reopen. 

US federal government now sees managing the pandemic response "in a more traditional way", starting in June; disbanding "task force" at that time.

New infections in US continue to decline.

Rates of death and hospitalizations both continued to decline in UK; country prepares to lift "lockdown" restrictions. 

Starbucks eases; phases in new practices to allow businesses to reopen. 

Arkansas eases; allows churches and outdoor venues to reopen.


May 5, 2020 [Morning Roundup] -  Widespread Easing; Austria’s Experience Belies “Second Wave” Predictions:

No "second wave" - after lifting lockdowns weeks ago, Austria reports NO increase in new infections; rate is now almost zero; "situation is very, very constant, very, very stable and that is a really very, very positive, good situation".

Thailand had only one new case yesterday, and no deaths; lowest infection rate since March 9th. 

South Korea reported only three new cases - lowest daily number since February 18th; will allow schools to reopen on May 13th.

Hong Kong has had ZERO cases for the last week; country continues to ease; will allow cinemas, gyms, and beauty parlors to reopen this week. 

Shoots of common sense begin to appear - researchers advise focusing lockdown measures only on those at risk; growing recognition that blanket lockdowns and "social distancing" measures have been ineffective and ruinous, and that politicians' ill-considered actions have caused much more harm than the virus itself.

Denmark eases; allows churches to reopen.

Pfizer starts human trials of possible coronavirus vaccine.

Spain's death and infection rates are now down to pre-lockdown levels, and remain steady; top health official says, "the easing trend is clear"; opposition party will not agree to extend emergency decree

German states ease; planning to reopen restaurants and hotels in coming weeks; also superstores and beer gardens; virus reproduction rate remains well below epidemic-level of "1". 

Meat processing plants are reopening in South Dakota.

Deaths declined in England and Wales for the first time since the outbreak began.

“Wildly inaccurate projections” based on “dubious covid models” that were created by “modelers with “a notorious track record” were “used to impose catastrophic social and economic restrictions across the USA”.

California eases; [fear addled & lockdown-crazed -Editor's Opinion] Governor forced to allow reopenings of businesses; state had only 39 deaths on Monday; lowest number in three weeks

Australia eases; will allow bars and restaurants to reopen on May 15th.

Yemen reported only nine new cases.

France eases; will end lockdown on May 11th.


May 4, 2020 [Evening Roundup] - Continued Easing Worldwide; No Reports of “Second Waves” ANYWHERE:

An experimental antibody developed by researchers at Utrecht University can defeat coronavirus in a laboratory setting, according to a new study.

Germany eases further - will allow all shops to reopen; soccer matches to resume; schools to reopen.

Israel eases further; lifts all domestic travel restrictions; will allow all malls, markets, and schools to return to normal by end of the month. 

Iran - which has been consistently described in media reports as one of the "hardest-hit" countries in the middle east - had only 74 deaths yesterday, and a total so far of only 6,227; country is now easing - will allow domestic travel and reopening of malls and sports clubs. 

[Editor's Note: mainstream media's despicable, relentless drive to predict disaster and foment panic by slanting the news is perfectly illustrated by this Reuters report - after noting that the number of cases of coronavirus worldwide is currently 3.58 million; the reporter compares that number to the annual rate of MEASELS, stating that measels!!! kills only 140,000 people a year, then is compelled to cite statistics showing that the annual seasonal flu kills at least that many and as much as 2,000,000 more, and that the Spanish Flu killed orders of magnitude more]. Lest any reader have the common sense to realize that the reported statistics clearly show that Covid-19 is much less deadly than even the annual flu - the reporter - WITHOUT ANY CITATION TO ANY DATA OR FACTS, warns, " experts worry the available data is underplaying the true impact of the pandemic". 

Many regions in Spain reported ZERO new infections; country eases restrictions further. 

Rate of global coronavirus deaths slowed for the fifth straight day.

Finland eases - will allow almost all business and personal activities except large gatherings - including restaurants, bars, cafes, libraries, theatres and sports to resume by June 1st; rate of new infections continues to slow

Quebec begins to ease [despite continued pathetic hand-wringing anxiety of fear-addled Prime Minister -Editor's Opinion]. 

Deaths and new infections in Texas continued to decline over the past five days [Editor's Note - despite the state's having been one of the earliest to lift restrictions]. 

Czech Republic eases further; will lift ban on international train and bus travel on May 11th.

Arizona eases; will allow service businesses including salons and barber shops to reopen Friday; restaurants to start dine-in service next week. 

Italy had lowest number of new infections since pandemic started; no new cases at all in three large regions; sharp drop in hospitalizations

Turkey eases; will lift inter-city travel restrictions in seven provinces and ease a curfew imposed on seniors and youths. 

New York had lowest number of new infections since mid-March.

Almost every woman in a New Orleans prison tested positive for coronavirus; but two-thirds had ZERO symptoms [Editor's Note - that's consistent with every other such study worldwide, and shows that the Covid-19 flu is actually much more prevalent and far less deadly than virtually ever "expert" has claimed].

Missouri eases; ends "stay-at-home" order; most business resumes. 

Finland eases further; will allow restaurants, libraries, theatres and sports facilities to reopen on June 1st. 

New infection rate continued to drop in US

Federal Appeals Court upholds First Amendment; strikes down inane and unscientific "lockdown" restriction on church services imposed by [fear-addled and weak-minded -Editor's opinion], Kentucky Governor.

Bulgaria eases; ends "state of emergency"; will lift ban on domestic travel. 

Switzerland eases further; allows business to resume at gold refiners. 

[Hand-wringing, fear-addled French government ministers -Editor's Opinion] now say they "might allow religious services to resume before the end of May" [since the dire predictions of the "experts" they've slavishly followed continue to be humiliatingly proven false by the "facts on the ground" -Editor's Opinion].

Rate of new infections continues to slow dramatically in Italy

Undeniable facts increasingly show that government actions taken upon the advice of so-called "experts" have actually greatly worsened the effects of the coronavirus "pandemic"

Number of new cases and deaths both continued to decline in the UK

Increasing citizen revolts are forcing unhinged state governors to lift their inane, draconian, and unscientific "lockdown" restrictions [Editor's note - and there will soon be many, many more as people come to realize how badly they've been damaged by such ill-considered measures issued by weak-minded, panicked politicians.

Human trials begin for possible coronavirus vaccine.

Local governments are increasingly ignoring blanket state "lockdown" orders that are of questionable legality; applying common sense responses to local conditions.


May 4, 2020 [Morning Roundup] - Easing All Over the World; No Report of “Second Wave” ANYWHERE:

Europe eases; millions return to work and freedom; Puegot will restart factories beginning May 4th; European Director says most EU countries have seen peak. 

Virus reproduction rate falls further in Belgium; now far below epidemic-level "1"; new hospitalizations and total hospitalizations continue to fall sharply.

Thailand reported ZERO deaths; only 18 new cases in entire country

Italy, France, and Spain [former hardest-hit areas in Europe], all had largest drops in both new infections and deaths in weeks; Italy's dropped sharply

Malaysia reported ZERO deaths; only 55 new cases in entire country.

London field hospital now being dismantled after having treated only a few dozen patients; "overwhelmed" medical system that experts predicted never happened.

US Defense Agency DARPA has developed a "game changer" coronavirus test which can identify people who have virus before they become infectious; currently awaiting regulatory approval. 

UK reports lowest increase in deaths since March

Virus reproduction rate falls further in Germany; now far below epidemic-level "1"; country eases further; study says vastly more people have been infected than have suffered any symptoms [Editor's Note - that is consistent with results of all similar studies worldwide, which means that the death rate from this flu is far lower than virtually all "experts" have claimed]. 

[As the "pandemic" visibly recedes everywhere, without any evidence of "second waves" anywhere - Editor's Note], people all over the world are revolting against governmental "stay at home" orders

New infections in South Korea now at almost ZERO; country will reopen schools on May 13th.

Thailand eases; allows hair stylists and other businesses to reopen; has only had 54 deaths to date. 

New infections dropped sharply in Spain; Prime Minister says "the pandemic is under control". 

Greece eases; allows hairdressers, shops and other businesses to reopen; people to return to beaches.

Infection rate continues to fall sharply in Poland; nearly at non-epidemic level of "1".

South Africa eases; mining, manufacturing and selected retail sectors returned to work - 30% of workforce.  

France is planning to ease lockdown measures on May 11th

US citizens are increasingly rebelling against inane "lockdown" measures imposed by "mini-tyrant" governors, many of which conflict with the "science" they proclaim

Florida - [which never imposed draconian restrictions applied in other states and never suffered the dire calamaties predicted by virtually all "experts" - Editor's Note] - eases further

India eases "one of strictest lockdowns in the developing world."

Iran eases; will permit mosques to reopen.

Serbia eases further; malls & public transportation reopened; will lift state of emergency declaration this week. 

Ukraine eases; will allow retailers, hairdressers, beauty parlors, car dealers and other businesses to reopen on May 11th. 

Portugal eases; restarts public transport and some government offices; allows small shops to reopen.

Carmakers resumed production in Romania.


May 3, 2020 [Evening Rundown] - More Easing & Return to Normalcy Worldwide; No “Second Waves”:

Italy had sharp drop in deaths; lowest number since lockdown began on March 10th

France had lowest number of deaths since March 22nd; number of people in intensive care also continues to decline.

Centers for Disease Control data show that 40 states now have "Minimal" ILI levels; only Washington, DC, New Jersey, and Maryland still have High levels. 

New cases continued to slow across the US.

A research team at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is developing a technology that harnesses intermittent ultraviolet light to kill viruses and bacteria

Hospitalization rate continued to decline in New York; deaths dropped to lowest number in a month

Experts' dire predictions about Florida turned out to be wrong, even though state never issued blanket "lockdown" orders other states imposed. 

Serbia eases; now ending state of emergency and lifting most restrictions. 

Peru eases; will allow mining, metals, and tourism industries to restart this month.

Michigan reported a sharp decline in new cases

Egypt eases; allows hotels to reopen for local tourists. 

Researchers are testing the use of a common blood-plasma treatment to fight Coronavirus. 

Portugal eases; ends state of emergency; begins reopening plan. 

Number of hospitalized people in California continued to decline, along with number of patients in intensive care

Mortality rate in Sweden - which never closed schools or businesses or issued "lockdown" orders – is virtually the same as that of highly locked down Massachusetts.

New treatment drug remdesivir will be available this week

Ohio eases; will allow offices and businesses to reopen this week; restaurants next week; will recommend but not order shoppers to wear masks. 

Most Costco stores and gas stations will return to regular business and hours next week


May 3, 2020 [Morning Rundown] - More Easing & Return to Normalcy Worldwide; No “Second Waves”:

Sweden - which never issued any "lockdown" or business shutdown orders - is now "well underway to achieving natural herd immunity". The country has "already won the debate on Covid-19 'lockdown' policy". 

Slovenia had ZERO new infections on Sunday.

Spain had lowest daily death toll in six weeks; new cases dropped to "a low not seen since a state of emergency was declared March 14"; country eases; will significantly ease more restrictions tomorrow

UK eases; will allow primary schools to reopen in June. 

Vietnam has had only ONE coronavirus infection in NINE DAYS

Israel eases; will allow universities and malls to reopen this week; plans to "speed up" removal of other restrictions. 

Italy eases; people now allowed outside; restaurants and cafes reopen for takeout; parks and gardens will reopen on Monday. 

Death rate in Iran fell sharply; lowest now in seven weeks; country has allowed schools and mosques to reopen in some areas. 

South Korea, which has "has largely managed to bring the coronavirus outbreak under control", is now lifting restrictions

The European Union is now considering rapidly approving of remdesivir for treatment of Covid-19, following its approval in the US. 

Thailand eases; allows restaurants and parks to reopen.

New cases continued to slow in South Korea; country announces it will further ease restrictions. 

Armenia eases; will allow shops, restaurants, bars, and manufacturing to reopen, and lift restrictions on movement on Monday. 

Rates of new infections and deaths in Germany were lowest since March 31st; business leaders now call on Merkel to "end the lockdown". 

Singapore eases; will allow many businesses to reopen on May 12th; schools the following week. 

FDA approves antibody test developed by Roche. 

Vienna airport offers on-site testing to arriving passengers who want to avoid quarantine. 

Bulgaria eases; allows swimming pools, outdoor restaurants and bars to reopen; will lift more restrictions in coming weeks. 

Dubai eases; allows restaurants, cafes, and malls to reopen.


May 2, 2020 [Evening Rundown] - Massive Easing & Return to Normalcy Worldwide; No “Second Waves”:

While citizens all across America flocked outdoors to enjoy the God-given sunshine and their constitutional freedoms, [hand-wringing, fear-addled, nagging ninny “Governors” like New York's Andrew Cuomo - Editor’s opinion] did everything possible to maintain panic among the weak-minded, with admonitions such as, "respect the social distancing and wear a mask".

France continued to see sharp drop in deaths; number of hospitalized people and patients in intensive care continued two-week downward trend

West Virginia eases - lifts stay-at-home and business shutdown "orders".  

Number of currently-infected people continued to drop in Italy

UK Prime Minister announced that "UK has passed the peak" of the Covid-19 outbreak. 

New Jersey finally eased [slightly]; allowed parks to reopen. 

Turkey's new infection rate fell for the first time since March 30th.

New infections continued to fall in New York, while [ever-petrified, hand-wringing and fearmongering - Editor's opinion] "Governor" Andrew Cuomo - continued to...cry. 

Italy's hospitalizations continued to decline; will begin easing on Monday

Greece deaths decline to almost ZERO; only three in last 24 hours

Popular vacation spots are now preparing to reopen, and planning to offer significant incentives


May 2, 2020 [Morning Rundown] - Huge Declines & Easing Worldwide; No “Second Waves”:

Europe eases! Spaniards went outside for the first time in seven weeks; German kids returned to playgrounds as countries in Western Europe moved ahead with the gradual relaxation of coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

America eases; retail stores begin to reopen.

Thailand reported ZERO deaths and only six new cases on Saturday; country is now reopening public parks and allowing businesses to resume; 

Sweden's model - "trusting that people will act in their own self-interest to reduce the viral spread...has succeeded in holding caseloads within the country’s capacity to care for the stricken". 

German infection and death rates continue to decline

Germany had one of the mildest outbreaks in Europe without ever preventing people from going outside for exercise; has now reopened playgrounds, museums and zoos

Infection rate increase in Iran dropped to lowest level in weeks

US DARPA has developed "pre-infection test" that could greatly reduce spread of virus; is expected to start being used by mid-May. 

Austria eases; hair salons now allowed to reopen; restaurants will reopen on May 15th and hotels on May 29th.

Singapore eases; will allow some schools and businesses to resume operations in coming weeks; rise in new infections drops to lowest level in two weeks.

Spain eases; will allow restaurants, stores, bars and hotels to reopen in island areas; people joyfully returned to outdoor activities as soon as "lockdowns" were lifted. 

Madrid closed field hospital and makeshift morgue on Friday. 

France eases; will reopen most schools on May 11th.

Italy eases; reopens parks and allows small-size funerals to resume.

Malaysia eases; will allow most businesses to reopen on Monday.

Japan starts approval process for Remdesivir, the promising Covid-19 treatment drug that was just approved by the US FDA; expects approval in a week

More than half of US states are now lifting restrictions


May 1, 2020 [Evening Rundown] - Continued Easings; No “Second Waves”; Facts continue to erode “scientific” justifications for continuing governmental “lockdowns”:

US FDA approves remdesivir - new drug that has proven to be a successful coronavirus treatment. 

South Korean researchers conclude that those who have had coronavirus can't be reinfected.

"I feel like I just got out of jail"! US eases - more than a dozen states let restaurants, stores, churches, and other businesses to reopen Friday.

Infection, death, and hospitalization rates all continued to decline in newly-reopened Texas

South Carolina eases - will end state's "stay at home" order on Monday.

California residents reject and refuse [inane, unnecessary, unjustified, and unconstitutional - Editor's view], new governmental order closing beaches for a second time

Data show governmental "lockdowns" have been highly misguided and destructive overreactions; "general public is not at risk" from coronavirus

Georgia "goes back to work, sets example for US". 

Tennessee eases; Governor says state is “doing very well with the reopening"; Senator states the obvious, "people will continue to do all that they can to ensure their own safety". 

Hospitalizations declined in California; deaths and new infections continued to stabilize. 

More US citizens demand their states lift oppressive [and inane, unconstitutional, and unproven - Editor's opinion] - lockdown restrictions; "Americans in half of states begin emerging from "home confinement"

Ireland will start removing restrictions on May 18th; "return to something approaching economic normality will commence". 

When infamously-failed "experts”, including the [utterly disgraceful, patently deceitful, and previously fearmongering - Editor's opinion] World Health Organization, are now arguing that "countries must lift lockdowns", it's very clear that the bad news is falling away really fast. [Editor's note - this is another example of the backtracking efforts all such disgraced "experts" are now making].

Oregon's Governor will allow "counties where there are almost zero coronavirus cases" to "begin reopening slowly starting May 15". [Editor's Comment - it's a great sign of a return to sanity when even fretful, hand-wringing, and simple-minded Democratic "leaders", begin to understand that such obvious steps are supported by "the science".]

Yet another [fear-addled, fretful, hand-wringing, and "lockdown"-crazed, in the Editor's opinion] Democratic Governor - Pennsylvania's Tom Wolf [who undoubtedly agonized most distressingly about "the science"], ultimately concluded that restrictions can nin counties that "have far fewer virus infections and deaths than most of the rest of the state". 

Death and infection rates continued to decline sharply in Italy

The death rate in the Netherlands continued to decline.

May 1, 2020 [Morning Rundown] - Continuing Great News - More Easing & No Signs of “Second Waves”:

South Africa eases; allows mines, factories and agricultural businesses to resume work in phases;  restaurants can reopen for deliveries

Denmark continues to ease; Prime Minister says spread of coronavirus "has not accelerated" since loosening of restrictions began in mid-April; it is "under control".

Thailand eases; resumes domestic airline flights.

Active cases continued to decline in the Czech Republic.

Malta eases; allows "nonessential shops" to reopen; health services to resume. 

UK statistician says "stay at home" message was "too successful...people are overanxious about coronavirus...most are more at risk from driving a car than coronavirus". 

Spain eases; will allow people everyone to leave homes for walks and exercise beginning tomorrow; Madrid closes coronavirus field hospital; death rate remains stable

Rate of new infections continues to decline in Australia; now less than 1% per day.

America eases; half of states are lifting restrictions.  

Gilead Sciences says it will produce 140,000 doses of promising coronavirus drug remdesivir by end of May.

Italy continues to ease; will allow 3 million factory and other workers to resume work on Monday; Prime Minister says may lift other restrictions sooner.

Asia eases; areas where the coronavirus pandemic has waned moved "closer to normalcy" on Friday. 

Texas eases further; Governor issues statewide order permitting restaurants and retailers to reopen.

Sweden may reap significant containment benefit by its refusal to impose "stay at home" and business shutdown orders - faster development of "herd immunity". 

Death rate continues to decline in the Netherlands; case rate remains stable.

Germany's success in handling coronavirus provides model for other countries. 

New infections in New Jersey remained stable for fourth straight day.  

India eases; begins lifting restrictions in lightly-affected areas of the country. 

Hungarian airline Wizz Air resumed international flights. 

Signs of recovery show in the restaurant sector - money spent on dining increased for first time in weeks


April 30, 2020 [Evening Rundown] - Continuing Great News - More Easing & No Signs of “Second Waves”

UK is now "past the peak...on a downward slope"; government will outline easing plan next week.

Georgia [US] eases; will allow "shelter-in-place" "order" to expire at midnight tonight

US FDA is now "moving at lightning speed" on application to authorize use of promising coronavirus drug remdesivir

[Infamous peddler of false and wildly damaging "multimillion death" projections that led to all of the ruinous US "lockdowns" - Editor's opinion] - University of Washington "Professor Dr. Ali Mokdad" - now backpedalling as fast as possible - says " the worst is behind us as a country". 

Virus continues to slow in France; intensive care patients decline for third straight week.

Restaurants are reopening all across America.

Portugal eases, allows stores, hair salons, libraries, car showrooms and government tax departments to reopen now; schools, restaurants, and cafes on May 18th; all others on June 1st.

Coronavirus "curve" in Canada "remains flat". 

Czech Republic accelerates easing by two weeks; will allow universities, cultural, sports and other public events including theaters, cinemas, concert halls and circuses to reopen on May 11th

Oregon plans to allow microbreweries and wine tasting rooms to reopen.

Serbia eases; reverses decision to continue "lockdown" orders through this weekend; restaurants and cafes will be allowed to reopen next week, public transport on May 8, some schools on May 11.

Some Louisiana parishes (regional governments) ease faster than state; will allow churches and businesses to reopen tomorrow.  

[Cowardly, panicked, and demonstrably unfit-for-office - Editor's Opinion] Democratic lawmakers refuse to return to work

Cowardly, panicked, and demonstrably unfit-for-office - Editor's Opinion] California Governor issues order closing Orange County beaches for a second time [with no evidence whatsoever that people on beaches can or will spread virus]. [Prediction - even weak-minded supporters of him and his ilk will soon start to fight back hard against such inane and unconstitutional acts]. 

US Supreme Court orders Pennsylvania government to respond to lawsuit challenging constitutionality of [fear-addled Democratic governor - Editor's opinion] draconian "lockdown orders" and arbitrary "non-essential" business designations

Mississippi eases further - with fewer than 100 people utilizing ventilators and fewer than 200 in ICU beds - Governor says will allow more businesses to reopen


April 30, 2020 [Morning Rundown] - More Great News - Major Easing & No Signs of “Second Waves”

The Czech Republic had ZERO fatalities for the second day in a row; rate of daily infections remained stable for eighth day; "now possible" to ease restrictions.

No "second wave" of infections in Denmark weeks after it lifted restrictions; "no signs what so ever that the partial reopening has caused a bigger spread of infection"; Prime Minister says virus is "under control". 

No "second wave of infections in Czech Republic after country started lifting restrictions; reproduction rate remains well below epidemic level; Health Minister says, " coronavirus has been contained".

Spain reported sharp decline in new cases; fewest deaths in six weeks; officials are now "confident the worst has passed and want to start easing measures next week". 

Hungary eases, will allow shops and restaurant terraces to reopen next week, "without time limits".

Ferrari will restart automobile production in Italy next week

Half of the countries in Europe that imposed coronavirus restrictions have started lifting them; another quarter will do so soon

Nevada eases; lifts restrictions on outdoor activities and some businesses

Epedimiologist says "contagion levels are waning in Spain even beyond what figures show because more testing is making visible infections that happened two weeks earlier and that showed no symptoms or required no hospitalization". 

As rate of new infections continues to drop sharply in Slovakia, and recoveries are outpacing new cases; country is now considering earlier lifting restrictions on all businesses except those in malls. 

Greece eases; Prime Minister announced government will start lifting restrictions on May 4th.

Prada restarts factories in Italy; Gucci, Ferragamo, and Valentino partially restart as well. 

Consumers in Germany have promptly returned to reopened stores

South Africa Health Minister says authorities are “very hopeful we have averted the first storm"; country will start to ease restrictions tomorrow. 

Germany eases further - will allow churches, museums, exhibitions, memorials, zoos and botanical gardens to reopen

Italy announced plans to further ease in mid-May; "allow reopenings of shops, restaurants and services". 

Ukraine eased; allowed all food markets in country to reopen; will lift more restrictions on May 11th.

Retail returns - Macy's will reopen 68 stores on Monday in states that have eased lockdowns; plans to have all reopened within six weeks


April 29, 2020 [Evening Rundown] - Breakthrough News - Effective Drug Treatment & Major Easing:

"First effective treatment" against Covid-19; "major medical advance" ; remdesivir proves successful; US government is now working to make the antiviral medication remdesivir available to patients as quickly as possible. [Chief Doomsayer Fauci immediately changes tune, now says] "it has proven is that a drug can block this virus. This will be the standard of care".

FDA could approve use of remdesivir as soon as tomorrow.

Number of new cases in Vermont dropped to ZERO.

Vietnam had ZERO deaths; announced it has "contained coronavirus outbreak".

Deaths declined in New York for the fourth day in a row

Number of people in intensive care in Portugal continued to fall, along with rate of new infections.

New Jersey - the only state in the Northeast to have closed it parks [and a state with one of the maddest of the lockdown-crazed US governors, in the Editor's opinion] - announced that it will now reopen state and county parks and golf courses. [Editor's comment: more evidence that governmental #covinsanity is starting to die out even among the most fevered patients!]

Slovenia eases restrictions; will allow schools to reopen on May 18th.

Florida eases further - will allow restaurants and retail stores to reopen on Monday

Infection rate in Spain has now dropped below epidemic level - one infected person is now infecting less than one new person; daily deaths have "decreased sharply"; Health Coordinator says, " evolution we are seeing is still very favourable".  

Saudia Arabia eases - people happily return to malls and markets

Finland eases - will start reopening schools on May 14th

Spain - [finally getting a grip on its governmental #Covinsanity, in the Editor's opinion] - announces plans to ease restrictions much further. 

US government will not renew "social distancing guidelines" that will expire on Thursday

Florida reported lowest number of new infections in a month

Hospitalizations continued to decline in France

Sweden - which never imposed hysterical "stay-at-home" and business shutdown orders - is now being cited by none other than the World Health Organization - as a "good example of how governments can rely on the public to help fight Covid-19". [Editor's Note - there will soon be a stampede of other backpedalling "experts" whose predictions and advice turned out to be astoundingly wrong and needlessly destructive.] "[L]ast time the WHO praised a "model" approach to tackling the virus... it was praising China's strict lockdowns.

[Governmental #Covinsanity]: Unhinged New York Governor says city "can't afford to open beaches even if safe". 

Majority of US cases occurred in only two states - New York and New Jersey; "expert" predictions that all other states were only "two weeks behind" have proven utterly false; evidence shows that draconian lockdown measures taken by some states were "utterly insignificant". 

Hungary eases; allows shops and restaurants to reopen.

Florida task force advises theme park operators to reopen at their own discretion

New infections in Australia drop to less than 1% a day from 25% a month ago. 

Hospitalizations and intensive care cases in France fell sharply, continuing a 15-day downward trend

Tunisia eases; will reopen public transport, food and construction sectors, and have government employees return to work

Italy reported "another encouraging slowdown in casualties"; only a 1% growth in new cases; number of recovered patients also outnumbered new cases for fourth time. 


April 29, 2020 [Morning Rundown] - More Great News - Continuing Declines & Easing Everywhere:

Preliminary results of Gilead remdesivir drug trial showed at least 50% of patients treated with a 5-day dosage improved; more than half were discharged from the hospital within two weeks.

New case rate continues to decline in Portugal.

Thailand eases; planning to permit reopening of almost all businesses - restaurants, markets, exercise venues, parks, hairdressers, barbers, clinics and nursing homes, animal hospitals, pet salons, and golf courses and driving ranges. 

Starbucks reopens 90% of US stores.

Death and new infections in Spain continue to "hold steady at low rates"

Data now show that coronavirus is a "manageable disease that has been around for some time with a case fatality rate of perhaps half a percent or less". Experts who wrongly predicted millions of deaths, health-system collapse, ventilator shortages, - and are now urging continued lockdowns, are interested in "saving face and spite [not] actually accomplishing something or following science. After all, if Georgia and other states are able to get off the ground without a hitch, it will make the critics appear obstinate and cruel, in love with the asceticism and social control aspects of the lockdowns more than any plausible benefit". 

With number of deaths and new infections in Pakistan coming in "well below ["experts"] projections; country is not planning to ease restrictions

Thailand had no new deaths; only nine new infections

Poland eases - allows hotels, malls, libraries and museums to reopen

New cases in Malaysia declined to a six-week low on Tuesday; country says it has "succeeded in flattening the curve". 

Greece eases - will allow hotels to reopen on June 1st

Switzerland eases further - permits reopening of restaurants, schools, shops, museums, and small-scale sporting events.

US FDA is reportedly in talks with Gilead to make promising drug remdesivir available to hundreds of thousands of patients as soon as possible

Pfizer may have vaccine ready for emergency use by fall.

Tunisia eases - begins reopening all segments of economy

South Dakota - which didn't issue any "stay-at-home" or business closure orders - plans to ease state "back to normal" by emphazizing personal responsibility rather than government orders

Jordan begins easing restrictions; allows resumption of public transit

Rate of new infections slowed in Russia.

West Virginia eases; will start phased reopening of businesses tomorrow

Spain eases; will allow resumption of haircuts and other personalized services; socializing to resume in outdoor cafés and bars on May 11th; restrictions on religious services will also be eased at that time. 

Michigan eases - will permit construction industry to reopen next week

German company has begun testing a potential vaccine


April 28, 2020 [Evening Rundown] - Great News - Major Declines & More Easing:

Maine begins reopening this week, "on a schedule that is more ambitious than most of the rest of the hard-hit Northeast".

New infection rate in US continues to fall.

Spain’s prime minister now "eyes normality" hopes country can lift all restrictions on movement by the end of June

West Virginia eases restrictions; allows health centers and hospitals to resume elective procedures on Thursday; businesses to reopen next week. 

New York Stock Exchange will reopen its San Francisco site next Monday.

Traffic to retail stores has jumped dramatically in states that have lifted restrictions

Portugal will begin lifting restrictions on Sunday

Rate of new infections has stabilized in Turkey; country now envisions transition to normal life at the end of May.

Italy reported higher number of recoveries than new infections for only third time since outbreak began.

[Chief Pessimist] Fauci now admits " people can mount a natural immune response that gets rid of the virus", which "makes me cautiously optimistic that we can develop a vaccine that can mimic natural infection enough to induce that same sort of response that would ultimately protect people". [Editor's Comment - how can anyone consider that guy to be any kind of "expert"?]

New cases and deaths both continued to fall "dramatically" in Iran.

New York Emergency Room physician argues "it's time to reopen the economy...many thousands of unnecessary deaths could result if we don't reopen quickly". 

Portugal announced it will end its "state of emergency" next week and begin lifting "lockdown" restrictions

Spain plans to end all restrictions within eight weeks

Thailand starts to ease restrictions for some businesses from restaurants and hair salons to pet groomers, as the pace of new infections slows

400 restaurants in Georgia and Tennessed reopened for sit-down dining this week

South Dakota Governor given impromptu parade of firetrucks, cars, trucks, and horse trailers in thanks for her refusal to issue knee-jerk draconian "stay-at-home" orders. [Editor's Note - and the state is doing just fine - none of the doomsday scenarios "experts" predicted have come to pass].

Increased testing shows promise for reopening US economy


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