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Spotlight: Gilets Jaunes Protests - Historic Revolt Against Elite Paternalism

    It is fitting that French protesters are using yellow emergency vests as their campaign symbol, because they are figuratively “canaries in a coal mine”. Theirs is the first of what will undoubtedly be similar revolts in other countries against socially-destructive policies that have long been forced upon citizens by self-styled “elite” leaders who worship at the altar of the secular religion known as “globalism”, and who invariably put the interests of the rich and secure ahead of those of the less fortunate. 


    While a diesel tax imposed in the name of fighting an alleged “global warming crisis” was the ultimate issue that drove masses of French people into the streets, the tax itself was just the final straw. The protests reflect a much wider development - a flash movement of disgusted citizens worldwide suddenly reclaiming their sovereign rights to establish their own countries’ laws. They are vehemently rejecting the dogma and deeds of “globalist” leaders, especially their knowing, intentional, and coordinated attempts to destroy the cultures of Western nation-states by facilitating and encouraging mass, irregular, and unlawful migration.